York's Spooky Season: Haunted Experiences for Halloween


Get ready for ghostly encounters and thrilling tales.

1. York Dungeon

Experience the dark and gruesome history of York at the York Dungeon. It is a thrilling interactive tour that combines live actors, special effects, and rides to bring the city's haunting tales to life. Book now to face your fears and delve into the spooky underground world.


2. The Bloody Tour of York

Discover the gruesome and macabre side of York's past on the Bloody Tour. This guided evening walk reveals the city's bloodiest secrets, including stories of executions, murders, and horrible happenings. Follow your guide through the winding streets to uncover the dark underbelly of York.


3. York's Haunted Chocolate Trail

Indulge your sweet tooth on York's Haunted Chocolate Trail. Follow the trail to various chocolatiers and confectionery shops while hearing haunting stories of York's history. Sample delicious treats along the way, combining the city's spooky tales with delectable chocolates.


4. York's Chocolate Story: Trick or Treat Edition

Immerse yourself in York's chocolate history with a spooky twist at York's Chocolate Story: Trick or Treat Edition. Discover the secrets of chocolate-making while hearing eerie stories of the candy's supernatural connections. Enjoy a sweet Halloween adventure that will satisfy both your curiosity and taste buds.