Practical Information

This page is going to give you practical information that you should refer to before you Visit York to ensure that  you get the most out of your visit here

Passports and Visa's

On Arrival in the UK you will have to pass through the Customs and Immigration section of the Airport. Please make sure that you have the correct Identification with you upon arrival in the UK. 

Your Passport or European Economic Area (EEA) National Identity Card must be valid for the whole duration of your stay in the UK.

If you are not a British Citizen or are not a citizen from the EEA you may need to apply for a Visa before you plan your  visit.

You can click here to check with the UK Border Agency to see if you need to apply for a Visa.

Arrival at Customs

There are restrictions on what you are allowed to bring into the UK when you arrive and also what you are allowed to take home again with you. The rules change depending on which Country you are coming from.

When you arrive at Customs you need to decide which channel to go through - Red, Green or Blue depending on what you have brought with you.

The UK Border Agency website is very complicated but they have produced a very useful guide to the allowances regarding Alcohol, Tobacco and other restricted items. I have included a link to the information here.

Medical Insurance

It is highly recommended that you buy adequate medical insurance before you travel to the UK.

Free NHS medical treatment is not available to visitors and you will have to pay for any medical treatment that you receive apart from any emergency treatment in a Hospitals accident and emergency department.

Dentistry charges in the UK are very high so make sure that you have a check up before you leave home so that you do not have to pay for Dental treatment in the UK.

To Tip or not to Tip?

This is a frequently asked question and personally I think that there is no definitive answer. I would say that it is down to the individual to decide whether the food and service that was given deserves a tip or not (but that could just be because I am from Yorkshire!!)

In some Restaurants a service charge of between 10% to 15%  is automatically added to your bill, some Restaurants will give you the option of having a service charge included on your bill and you can always say no and leave some cash on the table - particularly if you prefer for the tip to go directly to your waitress.

It may mention a service charge on the menu so it is worth checking before the menu is taken away.

If you are unsure about the service charge you can always ask the Waiter. If it is included then you are not expected to leave any more unless you would like to. If a service charge  is not included then it is acceptable to leave between 10% and 15%.

Bars and Pubs in the UK usually take payment each time a drink is purchased rather than paying at the end of your visit. It is not expected that you will leave a tip each time you buy a drink. If you feel that the service has been good you could always offer to buy a drink for the Bar Tender in place of a tip - they will either have a drink there and then or save it for later.


In the UK, the main voltage is 240v and the Frequency is 50HZ. You will need to bring some adaptors for your electrical equipment. If you forget them they can be bought at the Post Office, supermarket or some high street stores.