The Micklegate Quarter

The Micklegate Quarter of York encompasses an area of York rich with diverse shops, restaurants, bars and attractions for both the local residents and visitors to York. The focal point being Micklegate Bar itself which sits majestically at the top of the hill which leads gently down towards the River Ouse and the centre of York.. The surrounding area which falls into the the recently designated 'Micklegate Quarter' includes Blossom Street, Queen Street and the Railway Station, Rougier Street and George Hudson street.

Micklegate Bar is one of the four main medieval gateways which have given access to the City from the south since the Twelth Century. Built as part of the walls to protect the City, Micklegate Bar was also used to deter attackers by displaying the severed heads of unwanted intruders, rebels and traitors on spikes above the gate. This gateway is also the official Royal entrance into the city, Kings and Queens throughout history have entered York via Micklegate Bar. 

'Micklegate' (meaning great street ) was once York's most important street as it formed part of the long road that was being established between London and Edinburgh. The large wide street slopes down towards Ouse Bridge which was the first bridge that was built to Cross the River Ouse.

The majority of the buildings on Micklegate reflect the importance and prosperity of the area in the Georgian period. These buildings, which were once private households for the wealthy families of York's Georgian society, today contain many different types of businesses. 

Restaurants in Micklegate

One of the longest established restaurants in Micklegate is Delrios which is at the top of the street very close to the entrance of the bar walls and the Micklegate Bar Museum.

Red Chilli is a truly authentic Chinese restaurant that can be found on George Hudson Street which is located at the bottom of Micklegate.

Bars in Micklegate

There are lots of bars in the Micklegate Quarter and the area is very popular with Partygoers on an evening. The bars differ in size and style and there is something for everyone to enjoy. For example Brigantes has a wide range of British Real Ales and Continental Beers. The Priory on the opposite side of the road offers well known wines and spirits and draft beers. Late Night Bars and Clubs  are also located in this area of town, for example Tokyo which is one of York's most popular nightclubs

Businesses in Micklegate

As well as a great place for entertainment, The Micklegate Quarter is also home to many Businesses. Large corporate companies and local independant shops are trading alongside each other in this vibrant part of York. Boutique shops for example, such as Bill Baber can be found on Micklegate itself.

Things to do in Micklegate

The Micklegate Bar Museum and the Stained Glass centre offer a chance to learn more about York's History.